On January 14th, we'll be hosting an online Sales, Marketing & Hospitality Job Fair. At our online job fair, you can discover hundreds of qualified jobseekers, host webinars, and display your company as the employer of choice.

It's similar in nature to a live event, except you don't have to physically go anywhere as the whole event is online! You just log into our specially built platform on January 14th, and away you go!

Our unique platform provides an easy and cost effective way to recruit. Each exhibitor will have a fully customised stand where you can share your live vacancies, corporate videos, or any supporting information on why candidates should want to join your company.

Post jobs and receive applications

You will be able to list all your open positions on the platforms inbuilt job board; collect applications online, or on your own portal.

Prescreen candidates

Get a headstart by searching and filtering visitors before the event even begins. You’ll be able to see full contact details and CV’s. If you like what you see, why not invite the jobseeker for a chat (or interview) on the event day?

Speak with jobseekers in a way that suits you

Interact with jobseekers through text, audio or video chat. You can chat to groups within a chat room, or initiate a private 1:1 chat with a shortlisted candidate.

Follow up with jobseekers efficiently

We understand that it’s hard to remember who is who after an event. Our platform allows you to add notes and tags to conversations, so you can keep track of who you would like to follow up with. You can even download the chat transcripts after the conversation has ended.

Reach a wider audience

The beauty of an online event is you can effectively reach a wider audience, right from the comfort of your own desk. Due to our extensive reach, this event is ideal if you are recruiting for multiple positions across different locations.

Enhance your brand image

Position your company as a market leader by using this cutting edge technology to showcase everything you have to offer as an employer. It’s the perfect way to represent a forward thinking company, a company that you would want to work for!

More for your money

The event platform will be live for 30 days after the event ends, meaning that visitors can still view everything your company has to offer. Should they wish to contact you, they can send you a message using an offline contact form.

Cost effective recruitment

There’s no doubt that virtual events are more cost effective than traditional live events. Reduce travel, accommodation and literature printing costs by keeping everything online.

It's what we do best

Over the years, the Simply Jobs group has connected thousands of jobseekers with recruiters just like you. These are just some of the companies we've helped.